Thursday, December 29, 2011

Chapter 23

(EDIT: As you can see, the date is a long time ago, but that's actually when I started writing it, but I never finished until today: February first).

OMG everyone!  I'm so sorry for the long break.  I hope I still have some readers!  I guess I needed a breather form finishing this story, so now it's done!  I will be starting up a new story blog soon, and I think it will be my last story blog I'll ever make since I'll put all my stories on there.  I can just have multiple table of Contents, if need be, for my story, for easy access.

The next story I'm writing is called Life As You Don't Know It, which is actually an anthology.  Every short story will be closely linked, and I'm sure you'll like it if you like this.  Every one will be about a different person... I needed to do something different for a change.  So I hope you'll still continue to read my stuff, even without the pictures.  I feel so free without them!  I am no longer handicapped.

EDIT:  My new blog


I looked around at where I was.  Mia didn't teleport us to my house... she had teleported us to Trish's place!  Oh my damn, was the only thing I could think.
The sun was shining inside, but its heat was hollow, because there was about a foot of snow on the ground.
I inhaled, because Trish just may be home.  She could be taking a nap, and got woken up simply from our presence.  Any second now, she could appear, stunned...
 Mia could see the panic in my eyes, "TJ, it's going to be alright.  You no longer have anything to worry about... Brianna isn't here, and the person that changed her isn't going to do anything to you."
Wow, to think I haven't thought of Brianna in so long... "What's up with Brianna, anyway?"  I asked vaguely.
Mia cooed to me, "she doesn't matter right now.  What matters is apologizing to everyone you have hurt...."
Of course she was right.  I didn't have anything to hide any longer, I am done living in my shell.  

Finally, what mattered at the moment struck me: Mia left her world in order to be with me when I've only known her for a little over a month.
"Mia, don't you think you don't belong here?"
She simply shrugged it off.  "We should talk about this later."
I really wanted to talk about it now, but I let her win.

Then, I heard footsteps and I swallowed hard.  
Trish stopped, staring at us with a look of surprise, just like how a baby is surprised when he's playing peek-a-boo.
For the longest time, she didn't say anything, but shifted her gaze from Mia to me.  We weren't saying anything, either.  When I looked at Mia, she was smiling lightly, as if she was expecting this encounter so soon.  It seemed to me that she was just waiting for the right moment to speak.

I was right, "Hello Trish, nice to finally meet you.  TJ here has told me a lot about you."
She blinked, like she was gazing on a unicorn.  "Wh-wh-who are y-y-you?"  Clearly, she was amazed that we were suddenly in her house, and I was with a stranger, because she never ever stutters.  Never ever.
She smiled lightly.  "I believe that is for TJ to tell you, not me."
For a brief moment, Trish looked at me, and I could see recognition click in her eyes: I'm back to my old self.

"TJ-you're you're..."  Back, I corrected her in my thoughts.  Back- but better than ever.  You, my sista, are lookin' at a new and improved man.
"Yes, I know."
Trish did what she always does when she's tense, and has no answers to her many questions, "Where the fuck have you been?  Why did you leave?  What secrets have you been keeping from me?  Why didn't you even call?"  Her voice didn't crack at all, her tone was angry and sharp, as were her features.  When I didn't answer, right after she asked, she said, "I think I deserve some fucking answers!"  If her eyes were a laser, I'd be sizzling right now.

When I looked for Mia, I realized that she was no longer in the room.  At first, I reverted to panic.  She must have left to go back to her world because she's decided that this isn't the right place for her after all...

I didn't have time to think over it more than that, because I reverted my attention back to Trish who was enraged, though I could tell the pot was past its boiling point.
"Why don't we sit down, Trish?"  I motioned toward the couch in her living room.
She obeyed, though there was a pause.

She sat on the couch without saying a word, and when we were settled, she gave me that same laser-eyed glare that said, 'start talkin', mister'.

I started my whole long story and it probably took me a good few hours to go through every detail (since Trish really wanted to hear it all).  I started from the beginning: how in middle school, my friends started to shun me so that made me shun myself and question what others may think of me.  Glares from people turned to not only people simply walking past looking at everyone, but went to the eyes of people that were judging me negatively.  My self esteem became so poor, that I couldn't get any friends.

Then I fast forwarded to about four months ago, when I got that note.  She never seemed to understand that I acted on that note and went to meet the person who wrote it, but now I made that clear.  Worry had creased her forehead when I said that, and all her anger was already gone from her face.  She said she hadn't realized that I had all these feelings of such intense self-hatred, but I assured her that I really felt all these things.  Her mouth hit the floor when she heard what she had done to me.

After that, I had asked, "are you ready for the real kicker?  You have to agree that you'll at least try to believe it..."  She gave me a quizzical look, but I just shrugged at her to let her know that she has to go with it.

"Alright..." She said with a great pause.
I took a deep breath, and let it come out.  "Well... I met this guy..."  I decided to skip the part of how he seems extremely supernatural, and that stretching the truth would be the best way here.
"Oh really?  I've never met a guy in my life," she said sarcastically.
I gave her an annoyed look.  "...And he.... took me to an... 'advanced hospital' that... changed me back..."
She was giving me a look like I was an insane freakazoid.
"I'm not kidding, Trish.  Would I ever kid a... you?"
She crossed her arms.  "Why should I trust you?  Why should I believe you?"
"Fair enough.  I don't blame you for feeling this way.  Funny you should say trust:  turns out, that my... surgery involved changing my mind to cease caring about others..."
"Yeah, right."
"Whatever, Trish.  Believe what you want, but I'm not lying.  So I was changed back because that was determined to be the only way."

My heart sank, even though she had every right to think that.
"Well... maybe you want to accompany me when I ..." my words trailed off when I realized that the big push to get me to tell Bailey off was gone.  Mia was no longer with me...  I frowned, and Trish gave me a look.  I pretended like I never changed my expression.
"What are you talking about, Teej?"  She was polite enough to not mention my expression change.

"Can you just trust me... and we can go there?"
"Go... where exactly?"  Before I could answer, she quickly said, "oh, alright.  I don't know why I'm trusting you... but I feel I owe you this much... kinda."
When she answered like she did, I realized I was quite lucky that she was taking this so well.  It's not like I can drag her to Bailey... because if she just sees... this.... well, then maybe she can believe me, at least a little.

"So, your car, Trish?"
She looked at me and nodded slowly.
As we left the house, I looked back at the dining room and living room, feeling my heart break.  Mia really was gone, but where could she have gone?  She teleported back home, of course, that much was obvious.  She was done with me... she decided this time isn't her time, the 'sorta future' suits her better.  Frankly, I don't blame her.  I'm sincerely going to miss the VR glasses the most.

As I walked to the car (after I forced myself to stop searching for her vainly), my memories of Mia started to take control of my thoughts.  I remembered when I met her, when I couldn't stand myself when I was changed back to my albino self.  The soothing words she bestowed, her calm looks (not to mention her good looks), helped me calm down.  She fixed me, if it wasn't for her, I'd still be an insecure freak... no, I wasn't a freak.  I was just uncomfortable in my own skin.  Literally.

In no time, I was sitting in the car as I continued to think about Mia and all that we did together that would happen no more, and Trish didn't bug me during the whole ride.

When we got to her house, I stomped to the door.  I had enough.  After I realized what scum she was... I just wanted to tell her off, I don't know.  And now that I was actually walking to her door... I felt so empowered, I couldn't take it anymore.  I knew all my emotions would come tumbling out at once, and I was okay with that.  In fact, that's what I wanted.

I knocked hard on the door, and I could see her through it, since her front door does consist of a lot of glass.  Because of that fact, she couldn't avoid me.  I could already see her reaction to my albino self.  She was going into shock, and was even shaking.  This is just what I wanted!  I hadn't even done anything yet, and it felt awesome to see her like that!

"Hey, Bailey," I said mockingly.
"Um... TJ... hey.  What's up?"  She was straining, trying her best to ignore that she noticed the difference in me, and was also probably gauging the situation: fight or flight?
"Oh... um.  Just bye.  We're done."
Then, how she was really feeling started to show through.  Fire reflected in her eyes.
"You're kidding me. So now you're back to your fuckingly hideous albino self, and you don't want to stay with me!  But you love me, don't you?  Don't you!?"
I cringed at her true self.  She was a monster.
I rolled my eyes.  "Yeah, surprising, huh?  Well, good bye.  I have nothing else to say."
I was already walking away.  "Yeah, you go!  Get off my lawn!  I never want to see you again, I never liked you in the first place!"  Bullets hit my heart at her last words even though I knew now that she was no good. I was sure that she had fallen for me, at least a little, even after finding out what she really was.  Maybe she was just saying that in the heat of the moment?  Plus, I suppose I was making her lose out on whatever her 'reward' would have been- if there ever was going to be one.

When I made it back into the car, Trish smiled at me.
"Way to go for being the bigger person!  I'm surprised you didn't slap her.  I would have...."  Yes Trish, I'm sure you would have.  I looked around outside back at her house, but then through the corner of my eye I saw someone.  I turned around, and there she was.  In the back seat of the car sat Mia.  My eyes glimmered with happiness- and surprise.

"You think I would have left you?"  She asked.
"Um- y-yes?"
"Well, that's not going to happen.  You're stuck with me."
I looked at the driver seat to see Trish's reaction, but she wasn't there.  She was out of the car walking on the sidewalk.  I guess she was giving us our space.  I opened up my window.  "You can come back in Trish."  She nodded and walked back over.  I looked at Mia again, and climbed back to sit by her in the backseat.  I put my arm around her and she snuggled against my chest.
"Now this horrible part of your life can come to a close, after you apologize to your family."
I nodded, and a serious look crossed my face.  It was going to be hard to conjure up the correct words to tell everyone how sorry I am, but it'll be okay.  If I can overcome my image issues, than what's so bad about apologizing?

I guess life can be good as an albino, after all.  Maybe even better.


  1. *Applauds* Awwwwwwwww yay for TJ! I'm so happy Trish didn't kill him lol. She was really cool about things after exploding! It does suck how Bailey didn't even feel the slightest bit of remorse for what she did. Ugh. Good riddance to her! I hope TJ and Mia will live happily ever after : ). Excellent job on this story. You really make me want to consider writing without pics. It does give you more freedom and you don't have to sit and torture yourself over selecting which picture looks the best for one scene (like I do lol)! I am so looking forward to Life As You Don't Know It. It sounds interesting already! Be sure to let me know when it's done! : D

    -Rika : )

  2. Thank you! Yeah, Trish can have a big temper sometimes, you just need to hammer your point into her head, and she'll cool down. LOL. I know, Bailey sure is scum, but she also just is sad to have felt defeated, so wouldn't we all act that way, in her stand point (not that we'd all be that mean, but still).

    You should try writing a short story or something without pictures! Make it a really crazy one that couldn't be told with sims... Sometimes it's awesome to see pictures, but I've discovered that it's also awesome to create them in your mind for a more surreal effect.

    As I've said on your page, I already have the first short story done, actually. I have it linked at the top before the story, as well as on your page.

  3. Sorry takes me a while to get to stories sometimes when I am behind. Plus I have been spending a lot of time on a new story (shameless plug)

    With all that out of the way! I loved the ending to this, it just fit so well with how the story has gone. Although the last time I was bummed that you were ditching the pictures because most of the story was told that way, you did a good job on this last chapter though.

    It seems like TJ and Mia will have a wonderful life and he's learned a valuable lesson about physical appearances I think...well I hope after that whole thing heh. It must have felt good to ditch Bailey like that.

  4. Hey Aeon! It's alright, I sometimes neglect the stories I read too.


    I hope you'll read my new stories even without the pictures. The last short stories I wrote were horror, though I've never written horror before (but not the murder gross kind). It's quite fun.